Name Position University Month Thesis Affiliation
Mengjiao Zhang Ph.D. Stevens 19-23 Privacy in Federated Learning -
Xuting Tang Ph.D. Stevens 19-23 Trust in the AI-R ICE
Yu Yu Ph.D. Stevens 19-23 Robust Machine Learning -
Cuong Huang Post Doc. CUNY 17-18 (Research) Quality Estimation Amazon
Abdul Khan Ph.D. CUNY GC Jun 2019 Robust Neural Machine Translation Stevens
Sattvik Sahai M.Sc. Stevens Aug 2020 Pairwise Tracklet Association for Long-term Multiple Object Amazon
Sejal Vyas M.Sc. Stevens Aug 2020 Cross-domain Machine Translation Barclays
Geliang Chen M.Sc. Tsinghua Dec 2016 Phrase-based Language Model for Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) -
Xiaojun Zhang M.Sc. U. Saarland (Co-adv. Prof. Uszkoreit) Nov 2011 Two-level Parallel Text Extraction from Comparable Corpora Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Nan Chen M.Sc. Stevens Aug 2022 Efficiency and Security Calls Out Graph Partition Schemes in Federated Learning Yuanfudao
Yong Cheng B.S. NJTU Jun 2013 Analysis of User Behaviors in Social Network Google
Shun Zheng B.S. BUPT May 2014 Improvements on Word Alignment Models in SMT Microsoft
Zhengping Che B.S. Tsinghua Jun 2013 Dirichlet Process Model for Phrase-based MT Midea Group
Yulong Zeng B.S. Tsinghua Jun 2013 A Comparative Study of Generative Model and Discriminative Model YeeZ Technology
Zhibo Zhang B.S. Tsinghua Jun 2013 Machine Learning-based Crime Prediction -