Source Amount Role Duration Title Grant No.
eBay grant 120,000 USD PI 2024-2025 - -
CCDC grant 15 Million USD Co-PI 2023-2028 Project about Quantum Technology Assisted with AI -
Amazon grant 250,000 USD Principal investigator 2023-2025 Never Alone with Me (NAM) at Alexa Prize Socialbot Challenge -
NSF CRAFT pilot 30,000 USD Principal investigator 2022 Center for Research toward Advanced Financial Technologies (CRAFT) NSF IUCRC -
NSF grant 299,000 USD Co-PI 2018-2023 IUCRC Phase I Rutgers, Newark: Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics (CARTA) 1747728
NSFC (NSF-China) grant 660,000 RMB (100,000 USD) Co-PI 2017-2019 Key Problems for Tightly-coupled, Multi-signal Fusion based Simultaneously Locating and Mapping 61672524
ICT-CAS grant (Innovation subjects) 500,000 RMB (83,000 USD) Principal investigator 2015-2017 Ensemble learning in machine translation 20156020
KLIIP-ICT-CAS grant 200,000 RMB (33,000 USD) Principal investigator 2015-2016 Novel machine learning methods 20156020
NSFC grant 660,000 RMB (100,000 USD) Co-PI 2014-2017 New approaches to the limits of efficient propositional reasoning: algorithms, approximations and foundations 20131351464
IIIS-Tsinghua grant 150,000 RMB (25,000 USD) Principal investigator 2012-2015 Machine learning and machine translation NA